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I'm smart and intelligent young lady who goes to college. I'm also very hard working, and I love to be the best i can be in what ever I do.

Mary Kay


New Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

Hello everyone, my name is JoAnna Barnes. This will be my first blog that I have every done. I’m in the working process in becoming a new beauty consultant for Mary Kay. And I will like for all Mary Kay buyers when they purchase products on mary kay.com to buy there products through me because i’m just a young college student who is trying to get her new business off to a great start. But when I get my mary kay personal website up through mary kay i will repost another blog to let ever one know that my mary kay website is up and you can go on mary kay web site to purchase your orders through me. This will mean alot to me if you would. I will also be posting from time to time about mary kay new products. Thank you.